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Rock Slate

Rock Slate

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Rock slate has a rough, natural stone appearance. Each plaque has its own natural variations in texture and edge, with no two being exactly alike. They are heavy in weight with a gloss finish. Makes an excellent gift. Each stone is cut to an approximate size and are available in the following options (measurements are not exact).

Features & details

  • APPROXIMATELY 31x31x2.7 cm (12x12)
  • Top printing portion is approximately 10 1/2in X102 1/2 in
  • thick Photo slate machined to a smooth finish
  • One side is coated with high quality Glossy White coating
  • unique fractured edges
  • Black plastic feet, for displaying, included
  • Must use a Heat Conductive Rubber pad during press

For Heat Press

• Print on the sublimation paper, mirror image

• Position product face down in heat press

• Cover with heat pad or heat resistant paper

• Printing parameters: 356F/180,450S-600S 




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